Royal Platinum™

  • Royal Platinum
  • platinum pillow top
  • Foam Encasement
  • responsive 7zone
  • Semi Flex
Royal Platinum


The Royal Platinum™ is reaching the new heights of comfort with rich delightful layers. The Soft Touch Foam and the Responsive 7-Zone Pocket System for a more balanced support, is the best of both worlds for your guests. The Pillow Top with luxurious knit will also provide your guests with even more comfortable feature to ensure their next visit to your hotel.

platinum pillow top

Pillow Top

The additional upper layers at the very top of the mattress, providing additional contouring comfort relief and better motion absorption to promote a more restful night for the guests.

Foam Encasement

Performance Rails

High-density foam is encased to the perimeter of the mattress coils. It creates a larger sleeping surface and prevents sagging borders.

responsive 7zone

Responsive 7-Zone Pocket System

The springs are individually packed in pockets where each pockets are connected to each other at the center point, enabling every spring to be able to react independently. The spring support system creates the 7 comfort zones based on firm, medium, and softer zones, resulting more balanced support for your body. The 7-zone Pocket System is very suitable for back and side sleepers.

Semi Flex

Semi-Flex® Foundation

A series of U-shaped supports are welded to the springs’ border wire and cross-support grid, then secured at the wooden (made of durable Pine) base. Providing you with comfortable, even support for your Serta® mattress.